Public Safety Coordinating Council

2018 Meeting Dates
January 18, March 15, May 17, September 20, November 1, December 6

Current Meetings

PSCC Meeting

Community Building
The Oaks at 14th
1424 Oak Patch Road
Eugene, OR

Thursday, November 1, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

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PSCC Juvenile Committee Meeting

MLK Education Center, Juvenile Justice Center
John Serbu Youth Campus
2727 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Eugene

Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Public Safety Coordinating Council
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Budget Committee
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Juvenile Committee
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Reentry Task Force
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Workplan Workgroup
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  • Paul Solomon
    Reentry Services
  • Byron Trapp
    Vice Chair
Non-Voting Members
  • Jason Jones
    Oregon Youth Authority
  • Steve Mokrohisky
    County Administrator
  • Vonn Schleicher
    Oregon State Police Representative

Voting Members

  • Jay Bozievich
    County Commissioner
  • Donovan Dumire
    Community Corrections Manager
  • Tom English
    Citizen Member
  • Lucy Vinis
    Eugene Mayor
  • Nathaline Frener
    Youth Services Division Manager
  • Karen Gaffney
    Health & Human Services, Director
  • Louis Gomez
    Oakridge City Manager

  • Lisa Nichols
    Health and Human Services Quality & Compliance Manager
  • Patty Perlow
    District Attorney
  • Brook Reinhard
    Public Defender
  • Chris Skinner
    Chief, Eugene Police Department
  • Sarah Stewart
    Victim Services Representative
  • Debra Vogt
    Circuit Court Presiding Judge
The Public Safety Coordinating Council (PSCC), a regional advisory council for the Board of County Commissioners, is charged with ensuring every effort is taken to effectively use resources to prevent crime, reduce crime, and increase the sense of safety within our communities. The PSCC strategy for meeting their charge is 3 fold:
  • Have a mechanism to monitor system progress that allows PSCC to know how well it is doing in meeting its charge.
  • Explore and implement appropriate governance models that increase system efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Make sure there is a continuum of programs and services that promote healthy behavior, ensure the ability to protect the community, and hold offenders accountable.
State Bill 1145
In 1995, Oregon voters passed Measure 11 to increase prison time for violent crimes, sending more people to state prisons for a longer time. This led to creating the local public safety coordinating councils to help communities cope with offenders locally. Each county in Oregon is mandated, through SB 1145 (PDF) to have a local Public Safety Coordinating Council. Most PSCCs do not have dedicated staff. In Lane County, we are fortunate that some of the SB 1145 money that comes from the state to the county for incarceration and supervision of offenders under local control has been set aside for planning and system wide coordination. Currently, Lane County and the cities of Eugene and Springfield have an intergovernmental agreement with the Lane Council of Governments to staff the Lane County Public Coordinating Council.

Agency Cooperation
The PSCC works to bring together agencies that are interested in public safety to assure that policies and programs work in a coordinated manner across jurisdictional lines and in sync with one another. There are many different agencies that work to create safe communities, manage offenders, and assist victims. All of these different agencies work together to create a system that is effective, easy to use, and able to adapt to the needs of our communities.